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Season 13 - Déjà Vu All Over Again

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Déjà Vu All Over Again For Christine and Freddie T in BFL Finale


Christmas-Weekend Showdown Brings Rematch of 2005 Championship Battle




COCOA BEACH, Fla. (DECEMBER 25, 2008) - A rematch of 2005's record

championship showdown between Christine and Freddie T will highlight the

final weekend of play in the 13th annual season of the BFL this Christmas

weekend.  Final Week 17 pick sheets are due by Midnight on Christmas Day -

today for all of you Scrooges out there - and are posted and available now





Christine and Freddie T took the 2005 BFL title fight down to the wire in a

record finish that saw them enter the final weekend of play separated by one

thin point. When it was all said and done, Christine narrowly edged Fred for

the title and became the first BFL Champion to win after leading the

standings for the first and only time of the year at the end of the season.




The pair of former BFL Champions will go at it again in 2008's finale as the

only two players realistically still in the running for this season's title.

This time around, however, Christine cruises into the final weekend with a

solid 17-point lead over Fred, 1357 to 1340.  Although the lead is not

insurmountable -as 2007's wild final weekend proved - Fred has his work cut

out for him if he is going to prevent Christine from earning her second





Unlike 2005, when she was an underdog until the end, Christine has been the

BFL's 2008 pacesetter for the last month.  She took the championship lead

after Week 13 and hasn't posted a weekly finish lower than ninth since then.

In total, Christine has a total of 11 top-10 weekly finishes and placed out

of the top 12 only twice, with the highlights being a pair of third-place

showings in Weeks 3 and 15.  She has been in the top five of the season

standings all year and has been no lower than third since Week 4.




A second Christine title would be even more impressive in that this is just

the second time she has played in the BFL.  After winning it all as a rookie

in 2005, Christine became a one-and-done wonder and disappeared the last two

seasons. She is clearly back in a big way, however, and just might be

batting 1000 when it comes to BFL titles by Sunday night.




Freddie, the 1997 BFL Champ, has what it takes to catch Christine but needs

to show up with nothing short of his A game in Week 17.  He led the season

championship once after a third-place finish in Week 12 but has trailed

Christine in second place since Week 14.  Like his championship rival,

Freddie's weekly performance has been impressive with seven top-10 finishes

and only three showings outside of the top 15.  His best weekly showing was

second on the opening weekend of play, and his season's worst result of 18th

is one better than Christine's lowest weekly score of 19th.




The BFL pays out to the highest three finishers in the championship, which

means the remaining players in the top five - Mrs. Backmarker (1328 points),

Sparky (1322 points) and ddking (1314 points) - all need to keep their focus

in the final weekend.  Battling for the top-three podium is familiar

territory for the Mrs., but her typically consistent season was once again

just slightly too conservative to challenge for a weekly win or the title.

Her best weekly result was third in Week 7 and her steady play has kept her

third in the championship for the last two weeks.




Surprisingly, Christine, Fred and the Backmarker all failed to score a

weekly win, but the same can't be said for the impressive Sparky and always

competitive ddking.  Sparky won Week 5 and twice led the season standings

for a pair of weeks, including Weeks 10 and 11, before Christine and Fred

jumped to the front.  The King won Week 2 and appeared to be an early title

contender, but he never quite put together a championship run.  He did lead

the standings in Week 6 but a string of double-digit showings from Week 8

through Week 13 essentially knocked him from championship contention.




Speaking of championship contention, BFL stalwart DOUBLE T seemed set avenge

last year's tough, final-weekend title loss and came out of the gate like a

rocket.  He won the opening week, finished second in Week 2 and led the

championship for the first month.  Another win in Week 9 put him back in the

championship lead for the second time and fifth total week of the year, and

the championship that slipped away for Double in 2007 appeared to be his for

the taking.




Not so fast.  Amazingly, Double missed the Week 11 picks deadline and his

championship bid - like Freddie and House of Cain last year - was gone in an

instant.  He recovered from the shock to win for a league-high third time

last weekend, but it might be a little bit longer before the sting of what

might have been goes away.  Despite the mistake, Double was still one of the

best BFL players in 2008 and you can tag him now as a title favorite for





The year's only other repeat weekly winners were impressive newcomer Carrie

(Weeks 8 and 11), premier formula player Home Girl Lana (Weeks 7 and 15) and

reigning two-time BFL Champion ATOM (Weeks 4 and 13).  Of this trio, only

ATOM managed to sniff the title chase recently, but his current ranking of a

distant sixth in the season standings is the highest he has been all year.




ATOM will not have to worry about any championships this season but he would

be worried if he missed this opportunity to wish all of you a Merry

Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.  Have a great New Year as well and be sure to

pass on your thanks to Marcus (Marc Matlen) Blade and Karen (AKA Kip)

Tardich who, as you know, are the people that do all of the real work in the

BFL.  Thanks to all of you for playing and making the BFL the great league

that it is.




Good luck on Sunday and enjoy the Holidays!