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Season 15-Diablo Does It! History Making BFL Championship

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Diablo Does It! History Making BFL Championship Victory After

Record Three-Way Tiebreaker Decides Wildest Season Ever!


Weekly Wins and Runner-ups Give the Devil His Due over Chestnut’s Champ and Crip


The 15th Anniversary season of the BFL ended with the wildest finish in league history as Diablo (Jerry Dunlap) took his first championship after a record and unprecedented three-way tiebreaker gave him the edge over fellow BFL stalwart Crip (Rob Krinock) and breakout player Chestnut’s Champ (Andrea Paterson). Incredibly, the trio ended the season tied for first with 1,438 points but the title went to Diablo after he edged Chestnut’s Champ and Crip with a better weekly results record.


Diablo and Champ both scored a pair of weekly wins but two runner-up placings ultimately gave the Devil his long overdue BFL title.  Champ, who had one weekly second-place finish to go with her victories, capped a great season with second-place honors while CRIP, who led the standings for 15-straight weeks, finished third after an impressive but winless season.


Diablo’s championship was even more remarkable considering he entered the final weekend of play 18 points out of first place and a distant third in the rankings.  All eyes in the finale were instead on Crip and Champ who topped the standings just one point apart for only the second time in BFL history (Eventual winner Christine was one point ahead of FREDDIE T heading into the 2005 finale).  While Champ made up the point on CRIP, the duo finished a lowly 21st and 22nd in the Week 17 standings while Diablo rallied with the week’s eighth best showing.  That created the first three-way first-place BFL tie ever – at any point in a season – and forced the league brain trust (yikes!) to meet in a special Monday session today to review the published pre-season rules to decide the 2010 title.  Here we go!


*Championship ties will be broken by highest weekly player finishes, starting with wins, down through second, third, fourth, etc.


Diablo’s 18-point comeback was the second biggest final-weekend rally in BFL history and provided some symbolic vengeance for his longtime BFL buddy Double T (Tom Tharp). Double went into the 2007 final weekend leading the standings only to fall two spots as ATOM (Adam Saal) stole the title with a record 25-point comeback from third.


And, yes, that blatant personal name drop by your Commish was just so you could join me in thanking Marcus Blade (Marc Matlen) and AKA Kip (Karen Tardich) for another great season.  I always say it because it has always been true, but there would be no BFL without Marc and Karen and we can’t thank them enough for all of their hard work.


The incredible finale was just the crowning touch of another great season that saw 25 players take up the challenge of the BFL.  Fourteen players scored weekly victories with the overall top-two finalists being joined only by the impressive Carrie (Carrie Wesolowski) in doubling up in the weekly win column. Even better, 22 players scored at least one top-three weekly result, which means pretty much everybody challenged for a weekly win at some point.  That alone should be enough incentive to make you want to come back next year and we hope you do.  You are always welcome in the BFL, get your friends to join and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I will check back with you in August!