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Season 16 - Football is back and so is the BFL!!

Hi All! Football is back and so is the BFL!!


This is Commish ATOM, Leading Lady of the League Karen Tardich and Marcus Blade on the keyboards checking in for the 16th season of the mighty BFL!  Look for the usual pre-season write-up and rules release soon, but for now I am happy to let you know we are indeed back with the same fun and familiar game.  You will see some clarification of the season-long tiebreaker rules after last year’s incredible triple-tie finish, but not much else will be different this year.  Welcome back and be sure to invite your friends too.  All are welcome to play in the BFL.


The BFL site remains the same at or, and Week 1 pick sheets must be filled out and filed by midnight on Wednesday, September 7th.  If you are a returning player, you can find your 2010 team name already transferred to this year’s list of teams.  If you want a new team name – or if you are a new player – you and your team name will be registered when you file your Week 1 picks.


The weekly fee remains $5 and you can pay the whole 17-game season for $85 now or split it into pre-season and mid-season payments of $42.50.  Regardless of your selected payment option, you must have a check for either the half or full season amount to Karen by the first week of play.


Take care,