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Season 19 - With a new system, the BFL has returned

Hi All,


Commish ATOM here again with another reminder that the BFL is absolutely back this year.  Late to the game due to having a new site but it is open and operational as reported yesterday.  Check it out now at or more directly at  www.


UPDATE: A few of you have already tried to log on and had a note that said you needed to pay a fee and that the five complimentary teams were taken (or something like that).  No longer an issue and please try again if this stopped you.


The password for new users is BFLLives.  Once a user is created you will need to create a user name and password that will be used each week for logging in.  Before a user is created it will require a real name and email address which will also help us know who is playing.


UPDATE: The first deadline is this Thursday at 6 p.m. EDT for all Week 1 pics.  Gives a little more time considering we are so late this year!


UPDATE: Weekly fee is $5, payable only in two installments - Half Season or Full Season. You can pay the whole 17-game season for $85 now or split it into pre-season and mid-season payments of $42.50.  Regardless of your selected payment option, you must have a check for either the half or full season amount to Karen "AKA KIP" Tardich within the first couple weeks of the season.  Payouts will be for both weekly wins and the season-long championship.



UPDATE:  Weekly tiebreaker will be score closest to combined Monday Night game final score. Second weekly tiebreaker will be guessing the total points scored each week by the - Yes! - Detroit Lions.  An alternative team will be chosen when the Lions are on bye.  The designated Week 1 Monday night tiebreaker game is San Diego/Houston.


Season championship tiebreakers are total weekly game wins and each player's highest weekly finish, from first, to second, third, fourth and on down.


Thanks, and bear with us as we work the kinks out of the new system.


Also, I am getting away from my Yahoo! email so please use this one going forward.


Welcome back, good luck and the BFL Lives!