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Season 21 - The BFL can legally drink

Hi All!


Happy Labor Day Weekend and hope you all are ready for another milestone year of BFL competition!


All apologies for the late notice, most of you have already checked in, and I am happy to report that the BFL is indeed back this year!


Amazingly, this year marks the 20th Anniversary – 1996 to 2016 – of the BFL and 21st season of league play!


The site is now open and ready at, and Week 1 picks are due by 6 p.m. EDT, this Thursday, September 8.


What began as the CART Office Pool in Detroit back in 1996 has continued to grow in its more than two decades of existence, and now two dozen players from around the country have regularly participated in the BFL the last few years. Welcome back to all of you who have played before, the BFL is also open to any and all new players, so feel free to invite your friends and family.


As always, I want to acknowledge Karen "AKA Kip" Tardich who joins me, your humble Commish Adam “ATOM” Saal, as the only BFL players who have participated in each of the last 20 seasons! But she is the only one who still manages to win!


Also want to thank Karen and Marc “MarcusBlade” Matlen for truly making the BFL happen each and every year. Karen is our accountant and Marc is the tech wizard who keeps our website running. There would be no BFL at all without Karen and Marc!


And congratulations to first-time 2015 BFL Champion Bob “BobbyG” Gallant who won his first title after more than a decade of competitive seasons. He and Karen battled for the season title down to the final play of the final game of the year in a fantastic season!


Hope you all do just as well this year!


Good luck in the BFL in its 20th Anniversary Year!


Thank you,




League Rules and Need-to-Knows:


*Weekly fee is $5, payable only in two installments - Half Season ($42.50) or Full Season ($85.00).

Payment is by check only to Karen Tardich at:



*Returning players who want to use the same name can register using your password from last season. If you can’t remember, shoot MarcusBlade an email at: or click on the “Contact Us” tab on the main BFL Pool menu at


*New players can register using: BFLLives. Once in, you can change to your own password.


*The BFL is a confidence points pool. The objective is to pick the winner of each game played on each weekend while allocating points to each game based on the number of games played.  So, in a 16-game week (always check the total number of games being played each week!), you would pick each game’s winner and then rank each game from 1 to 16.  Games you believe will be blowouts should get the highest points allocations (16, 15, 14, etc.) while games that seem to be too close to call should get the lower point allocations (3, 2, 1, etc.). You earn points only for the games you win.


*The player accumulating the most points each week is that week’s winner. The player accumulating the most points in the season wins the championship.


*No spreads are used. Make your picks based on outright wins, not against the line.


*Every weekend of play counts toward the championship.  The old throw-out week rule was done away with long ago. All 17 weeks of play count.


*Your weekly pick sheet and entry must be filed on time in order to play. The pick sheet deadline is Thursday at 6 p.m. (an hour or so before each week’s first game).


*The BFL has a zero-tolerance late-pick policy.  If in doubt, fill it out early in the week and send it in.


*Weekly ties are broken by the combined score of each week’s Monday Night Football game. Be sure to fill that out on each week’s pick sheet.  In the event a further weekly tiebreaker is needed, the Detroit Lions game’s combine score is used. We will pick and alternative game when the Lions are on Bye.


*Championship ties will be broken by total season weekly wins down through highest weekly finishes.


*If an actual game(s) within a weekend’s schedule is postponed and BFL players have picked and allocated points for that game(s) in a weekly pick sheet, those points will come into play if and when the game(s) is played.  If necessary, that week’s payout will be held until the postponed game(s) can be played and a clear weekly BFL winner can be determined.  If the game(s) is cancelled outright, no points will be allocated or reinstated.


*In the event a full weekend of actual play is postponed, the Commish will make the sole determination as to the best course of action for the BFL.


*It is OK to have a team of people for a single entry but no one may be involved in more than one team, individually or in a group. No double dipping!


*All disputes will be decided by Commish ATOM, and every year a new and entirely unexpected one emerges! Remember, sportsmanship and fair play will be at the foundation of all decisions. Seriously… really, even in this day and age.


*A weekly prize fund and season-long bonus pool are up for grabs. Each week’s winner receives 90% of that week’s purse. 10% of each week’s pot goes into the season-long pool which pays 60% to the winner, 30% to the runner-up and 10% to third place at the end of the season.


*Join us now at