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Season 22 - Week 1 BFL Game Postponement Update

Hi All,


Great response to Labor Day's call for BFL entries and we thank and look forward to all of you playing this season!


Incredibly, we can already call this a "season of firsts" even though the first game has yet to be played.


For the first time in our 22-year history, we have had to make a ruling on a postponed game before the season has even started.


This weekend's Buccaneers/Dolphins game will still appear on the Week 1 BFL pick sheet even though it has been postponed until November.


As we can't change the Week 1 Pick Sheet, we are requesting all of you voluntarily making that game your 1-point pick for the week. This is the best course of action and means we all will start the year equally one-point down.

No worries if you have already made your picks as you can edit or change your picks at anytime before the deadline to make the Bucs/Fish game your No. 1.


Thank you, hope this makes sense, and please email me and our MarcusBlade at and/or if you have any questions or issues, but sooner rather than later please. Any inquiries just minutes before tomorrow's 6 p.m. deadline may not be addressed.


The site is open and ready at, and Week 1 picks - first time or edited - are due by 6 p.m. EDT, tomorrow, Thursday, September 7.


And to any of you, like me and Carole, the Bucs and the Dolphins, who will be in the path of Hurricane Irma this week, be safe and good luck. We will get through it!


Commish ATOM