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Season 25 - 15 Games in Week 4!!

Hi All,

So great to have you all back for another BFL season. The unique nature of this year has now hit the NFL too, and this weekend's Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans game has been cancelled due to COVID-19. Hope all will be well.
The system automatically dropped the game from this week's pick sheet but didn't renumber the games from 1 through 15. It still shows Monday's game as the 16th of the week, but that is not the case.
Only 15 games will be played, which means you allocate points only from 1 through 15. Simply stated, your highest ranking given to any game should be 15. If you allocate a 16 to any game, your sheet will be wrong.
Hope this makes sense! Email back with any questions, and there is still time to resubmit your picks if they were incorrectly filed.
Thank you!'
Adam Saal